Nadia Ferreira falls in love with magnetic Pink Rose nails

Nadia Ferreira falls in love with magnetic “Pink Rose” nails that will be in style this spring

Nadia Ferreira is one of the biggest representatives of fashion and beauty trends that we currently have, and by that we don't just mean the trendy clothes or shoes that she wears for every occasion and with which she attracts everyone's attention, because the model also sets style with the little details that few people pay attention to; That is the case with them Nails.

In the last hours, Mis Universo Paraguay 2021 surprised with a beauty lesson not to be missed Spring if you love seeing yours well-groomed hands and with the trends of the moment. And Marc Anthony's wife just joined the trend Magnetic nail designs which are causing a stir around the world and which she herself said she was “obsessed” with.

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Do you subscribe to this style? (Photo: IG @nadiaferreira)

“Pink Rose” nails, the design imposed by Nadia Ferreira for spring 2024

Nadia Ferreira He turned to his official account Instagram to show all the details of your new one manicure which is perfect to show off a very special touch naturallybut arranged and with everyone turning to face you while performing the technique at the same time Nail art Favorite of the moment. As if that weren't enough, the result is great, making the hands the protagonists with a very nice feeling female and elegant.

It's about the Nails pink rose“That means wearing them in a color similar to the pink of the roses that bloom that season. This is precisely what allows us to wear this natural image, but without giving up the elegance and delicacy that characterizes every spring. trend.

The best thing about this nail design that you can “steal” from Nadia Ferreira is that it can be worn Every age and the result will always be a spark of youth coupled with a lot of femininity, delicacy And elegance. That's why this sound is combined with that magnetic effect It can be worn to any event such as weddings, baptisms and other parties, or for anyone who wants to look discreet in the office.

The magnetic effect ensures that the light is reflected differently depending on the incidence of light, thus achieving a very varied manicure. (Photo: IG @nadiaferreira)

However, it should be noted that Nadia Ferreira showed us that the “pink rose“will be continued natural nails To achieve a more delicate look, its use is also possible thanks to a length that does not go beyond the fingertips and comes with an almond file Acrylic with a length that suits your style.

Finally among the Beauty tips The model and mother showed us that the ideal for this spring is to wear only light shades that evoke nature. So if pink is too feminine for you but you don't want to stop wearing it Magnetic technology (which consists of moving a magnet in one direction so that the metals contained in the polish are directed only in one direction and therefore the manicure always looks different), you can also wear other colors, such as:

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Any pastel shade

Nadia Ferreira had already worn this manicure in a chocolate color. (Photo: IG @nadiaferreira)