1676623695 Nadia Ferreiras radical life change due to her pregnancy which

Nadia Ferreira’s radical life change due to her pregnancy which could bring her problems with Marc Anthony

One of the news that has most impacted everyone in the world of entertainment is this pregnancy by Nadia Ferreira. The pregnancy the former Miss Paraguay and current wife of Mark Antony It was revealed after the wedding and shocked thousands of fans as many believed that this marriage of Mark Antony there would be no children since the current husband of Nobody Ferreira He already has 6 more children with his ex-wives.

Marc Anthony’s most famous children are undoubtedly the twins Max and Emme, who the singer had with Jennifer Lopez, but apart from these two young people, the singer has 4 other children from previous relationships, for whom he will give birth in a few months with Nadia Ferreira would be his seventh child and is a pregnancy that surprised everyone in the speech Nadia Ferreira Being a mother wasn’t one of her priorities prior to marrying the singer.

The news of the pregnancy of the new wife of Mark Antony It arrived on February 14 as it hit the spot on social networks Nadia Ferreira who told that pregnancy shows her followers a delicate publication in which she sees the young woman with a grown tummy and hand Mark Antony above, accompanied by a message that reads: “The best gift for Valentine’s Day! Thank you for this great blessing in our lives.”

Many were waiting for more news, but from what can be seen in the photos, the pregnant belly is from Nadia Ferreira She is already quite grown up, and before her wedding she delights many fans Mark Antony He had already noticed that the young woman was on her way pregnancy Since Al has such a slim figure, the signs that she was pregnant were very evident on Al’s body. Nadia Ferreira who will be able to change their eating habits and enjoy food without guilt or patterns.

Nadia Ferreiras radical life change due to her pregnancy which

Source: Instagram Nadia Ferreira

Mark Antony For his part, he was very satisfied with this new one pregnancy which transits Nadia Ferreira because the artist not only has a new wife, but will also enjoy education and companionship Nadia Ferreira in the pregnancy of her first child. Despite the criticism the couple has Mark Antony And Nadia Ferreira Due to the age difference, she has not only suffered from extreme luck pregnancy but from the relationship they have built over the last six months of their lives as a couple.

1676623691 468 Nadia Ferreiras radical life change due to her pregnancy which

Source: Instagram Nadia Ferreira