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Natalia Titova took the pebble out of her shoe: "I don't trust Massimiliano because…" | Captured like this in the hallways of the television studios tendencyiviaggio

Dancer Natalia Titova is surprised by a surprising revelation about her partner Massimiliano Rosolino.

The pretty dancer Natalia Titova contributed to the success of the dance show “Dancing with the Stars”, in which he took part almost continuously from the first to the fourteenth edition.

Born in Moscow in 1974, the Russian dancer came to Italy in 1998 thanks to the intuition of an entertainment agent and began her career there at Rai1 Simone Di Pasqualewith whom he had a short relationship.

Throughout her career, Natalia Titova took part in numerous competitions and, together with Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, reached the podium in the “UK Rising Star Prof” program and in the Italian “Dancing with the Stars”.

However, the sentimental turning point came in 2010, the year she met her current life partner Massimiliano Rosolino. The award-winning swimmer was taking part in Milly Carlucci's talent show at the time, and the two did it between one training session and the next love blossomed… Not without Resistance from Natalia Titova, However. According to her own statements, the dancer found it difficult to trust the athlete due to his incurable condition Latin lover nature

Natalia Titova on Massimiliano Rosolino: “He was a butterfly”

The couple gave birth two daughters and today it is more united than ever, but in a recent interview with Mia Ceran on the program “Nei tua panni” Natalia Titova revealed them initial reservations about Massimiliano Rosolino. In fact, the dancer reported, “In the edition where Massimiliano appeared, there were a lot of beautiful girls… I saw him walking through the corridors.” He liked to flirt with the girls“.

Natalia Titova then added: “He attacked me tooHowever, knowing the program, I know that there is always an intense connection in the couple, not necessarily out of love, but just out of competitive spirit and rivalry. I held out my hands and the first time we went out was after “Dancing” ended… I wasn't sure right away. I had to understand whether this connection was serious or whether it was due to the complicity of the dance.

Massimiliano Rosolino and Natalia Titova - Tendendiviaggio.it Massimiliano Rosolino and Natalia Titova – Trendsediviaggio.it (Source Ansa)

Natalia Titova, doubts remain: “I still don’t trust him”

Then, in the study of “In Your Shoes,” Natalia Titova confessed: “I got it when he invited me to go to dinner with some of his swimming friends, after the end of the program. For me it was an important step, it was something interesting.”

And he joked: “I still don't trust him. But I release him and live better. I control nothing: those who search find, but perhaps I don't want to find. I'm not convinced I would find anything, but I would never look for it.

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