Nathaly Caldonazzo I was born from the violence of my

Nathaly Caldonazzo: “I was born from the violence of my father”

A violent father, family dramas, complicated love relationships. The actress and showgirl Nathaly Caldonazzo He shared private and unpublished aspects of his life Luca Casadei in an interview conducted for Onepodcast's One More Time podcast, available on all major platforms. “I was born in Rome into a disastrous family. My father used violence to conceive me during an argument – said the actress – my mother always told me that and I would rather not have known. Coming into the world knowing that no one expected me anyway, that I was a mistake, that I emerged from sexual violence, that he didn't show up when I was born… You come across a bit like, “Sorry to be here…”. I witnessed many ugly scenes from my father towards my mother, scenes that will stay with me forever. You don't know how to behave.

The showgirl also spoke about her relationship with Massimo Troisi: “I have had so many love stories, all with very bad endings. “I have experienced at least 7 great and important love stories” and continues “I met Massimo when I was very young, 23 years old, in a Roman restaurant. He was sitting there, I think Massimo Lopez and Giovanni Benincasa. He looked at me the whole time. But I didn't like it, I was also engaged to another boy. Then suddenly Massimo Troisi came, because from that evening on he was completely obsessed with it. He looked everywhere for me like crazy. As long as his best friend at the time Massimo Bonetti, He got engaged to my sister's hairdresser. The fact is that after a week I received his call and after an hour he convinced me with his kindness to have a coffee at his house. We talked for a bit and I could hear tick tick tick… something metallic, it was his heart. The bad thing is that after the operation, after a year and a half, this ticking was no longer regular, it was tick, tick, then it stopped, tick, tick, tick».

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During the affair with Troisi, Caldonazzo also suffered from anorexia: “We came home from dinner, there were some cakes in the kitchen and he told me in Neapolitan, without any malice, “Don’t worry.” I never remembered that again, just that something clicked in my head and I started losing weight until I became anorexic, so much so that I stopped having my period, I had amenorrhea. We wanted this child and every time I didn't get my period at the end of the month, we were convinced that I had finally managed to get pregnant and did tests, but I just had amenorrhea and couldn't put the weight back . He said to me, “If you gain 3kg I will marry you, I swear to God,” and I told him it was your fault and he said, “But I don't remember.” but because it would have been completely naive without considering that all this would have created a tunnel inside me from which I would only emerge after a long time. When he said that sentence to me, I said, “He doesn’t like me, I’m no good like that.” and I really started losing kg, 15/20 kg in a year. I definitely don't want the message to be conveyed that it was his fault, it was my fault and my insecurities».