Natiruts comes to an end after 28 years with the Leve com Você tour February 26, 2024 Illustrated

Sao Paulo

The band Natiruts, one of the references of Brazilian reggae, announced this Monday (26) the end of the group after 28 years of career. To say goodbye to the audience, the artists go on a tour, “Leve Com Você”.

The tour will include 20 shows and a setlist with songs from different phases of the band. Tickets go on sale on February 27th on the Eventim website.

According to the group, the final series of shows will begin on June 8th at the BRB Mané Garrincha Arena in Brasília and end on December 7th at the Espaço Náutico Marine Club in Belém. The band will perform in São Paulo on August 31st, the show will take place at Allianz Parque.

“We are in the most complete and mature phase of the band and have managed to complete what we set out to do back then,” says Luís Mauricio, cofounder of Natiruts. “It's important to know how to end something when you're feeling good. The path we have taken so far allows us to do this,” says instrumentalist Alexandre Carlo.

Tickets vary depending on the city. In the capital, São Paulo, the price starts at R$100 for the upper seats and rises to R$390 on the premium route. In the case of Allianz, ticket sales have not yet been announced.