NATO ready for confrontation with Russia says Admiral

NATO is preparing for a possible conflict with Russia, says spokesman

Rob Bauer, chairman of the military committee, says the alliance is not seeking conflict but is ready in the event of a Russian attack

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Military Committee President Rob Bauer said on Thursday (January 18, 2024) that the alliance was preparing for a possible conflict with Russia.

“I am not saying that everything will go wrong tomorrow, but we must admit that it is not certain that we will have peace. And that’s why we have plans, that’s why we’re preparing for a conflict with Russia,” Bauer said in an interview with journalists.

According to the military, NATO “does not seek” conflict with the country, but if Russia attacks it, it must be “ready.”

Referring to the conflict in Ukraine, the soldier explained that “there is intense fighting” and that Russia’s recent attacks were “devastating” but not “militarily effective.” Bauer explained: “We are seeing significant military successes on the Ukrainian side […] Ukraine asserted itself as a sovereign and independent nation in Europe. They are closer than ever to the EuroAtlantic family.”

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The statement from the chairman of the military committee comes just before the start of the alliance's largest military exercise since the Cold War. NATO announced that it would call up 90,000 soldiers to carry out the operation.

According to NATO's Commander General in Europe, General Christopher Cavoli, scenarios of “an emerging conflict against an adversary close to the same level” are simulated.

The exercise, called “Steadfast Defender,” will last until May and will involve the 31 countries of the alliance as well as Sweden.