Nattan cancels show in Recifes New Years Eve program G1

Nattan cancels show in Recife’s New Year’s Eve program G1

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Nattanzinho also canceled another appearance at an event at Maracaípe Beach on the south coast of Pernambuco, also this Saturday (30), and was replaced by singer Anitta.

Nattan's health problems began in the early hours of Friday (29). Nattan shared a post from a friend on Instagram Stories thanking him for his support at this time.

In the text, the friend, named Theo Braga, said that the artist visited three hospitals in search of a doctor before giving a performance at a party in Barra de São Miguel, in the state of Alagoas, without giving further details about the illness. . At Friday's event, singer Felipe Amorim was called in as a lastminute replacement for Nattanzinho.

New Year's Eve with three days of celebration

The company that won the tender from the city of Recife will organize the event in 2024 and 2025. The rules used in the selection were based on “anticipated revenue from the event.”

According to the Minister of Tourism of Recife, Antônio Coelho, the winning company will pay R$400,000 per year to the town hall and the cost for each New Year's Eve will be R$7 million.

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