NBA He punches a rival in the face before a

NBA: He punches a rival in the face before a game

Detroit Pistons center Isaiah Stewart punched Phoenix Suns forward Drew Eubanks in the face before the game between the two teams on Wednesday night.

This is what Athletic basketball expert Shams Charania learned.

The NBA is also reportedly close to suspending Stewart for his action in the tunnel that provides access to Footprint Center field.

It would have been police officers who separated the two players. An investigation would also have been initiated.

Eubanks told the Arizona Republic that he was on his way to his team's locker room when he was stopped by Stewart.

“I arrived and words were said. I was secretly approached, security intervened and that was it,” he said.

Stewart is currently injured and did not play in the game against the Suns. The 22-year-old has missed the Pistons' last eight games with a sprained ankle.

During the last game between the two teams on November 5th, Stewart and Eubanks were very aggressive towards each other. They clashed verbally throughout the game.