Necessary step October 7 attack Hamas admits error kroneat

“Necessary step” October 7 attack: Hamas admits “error” |

Women raped, children tortured
Not only were 1,140 people killed and taken hostage, but brutal acts of torture also took place, including against children. According to eyewitness accounts, children's heads were cut off, women were sexually abused and their breasts were also cut off. The terrorists also allegedly stuck sharp objects into vulvas. During interrogations, the terrorists stated that they were tasked with committing rapes.

Killing of civilians denied despite evidence
The Hamas document does not indicate which of these acts the terrorist group later classifies as “possibly some errors”. However, against all evidence, the terrorist organization denied deliberately killing civilians. “If there were cases in which civilians were targeted, it was inadvertently and in the course of the confrontation with the occupation forces,” Hamas said, claiming that the Israeli army and police killed many Israelis “due to their confusion.”