Nehammer at the special Ukraine summit in Paris

Nehammer at the special Ukraine summit in Paris

The Chancellor wants to “represent with a strong voice” the perspective of a neutral State.

To mark the second anniversary of Russian aggression, the French president organizes a protest against “Ukrainian fatigue” in the West Emmanuel Macron today, Monday, a Special summit of Heads of State and Government on Ukraine. The Federal Chancellor will also participate in this meeting Carlos Nehammer (ÖVP) participate.

“The aim of the summit is to determine the situation and hold strategic discussions on how to proceed with the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine,” the Federal Chancellery said. In addition to the other EU states, the USA, Canada, Norway and Great Britain are also invited. Nehammer will travel to Paris to present the Austrian position and thus also “strongly represent” the perspective of a neutral state.

KURIER will accompany the Chancellor and present a report.

Big pressure

Given the blockade of US military aid to Ukraine, there is currently special pressure on European states to support Ukraine in its defensive battle against Russia. Several countries, including Germany, France, Italy and Canada, have recently concluded security agreements with Ukraine. Austria does not want to provide military aid to the country, but considers itself one of the largest donors of humanitarian aid.

On the second anniversary of the start of the war, Nehammer praised the “defensiveness” of the Ukrainians as “impressive” and called for an end to the war. Federal President Alexandre Van der Bellen and Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexandre Schallenberg (ÖVP) reaffirmed their “unwavering solidarity” with Ukraine on Saturday.

They will support Ukraine “as long as necessary,” Schallenberg said in a video message posted on X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday. Van der Bellen praised Ukrainians' “heroic resistance” in his own video message. “Your sacrifice must not be in vain.”