Netanyahu is in the USA Gantz wants to get closer

Netanyahu is in the USA: Gantz wants to get closer to Biden

The US is taking advantage of fissures in the Israeli war cabinet. The main representatives made clear to the former army chief in Washington the urgency of a ceasefire and the protection of civilians.

Benjamin Netanyahu did not in any way agree with the trip to Washington by Benny Gantz, his colleague and competitor in the war cabinet, who is far ahead of him in the polls. The former army chief and defense minister should not receive special treatment from the Israeli embassy in the US capital, according to the Israeli prime minister's message to his diplomats.

The door to the White House has always been open for Netanyahu, especially under Donald Trump. Until Joe Biden, demonstratively, did not invite him to his official residence, after Netanyahu's right-wing religious coalition took office 14 months ago. Instead, he met with the Israeli prime minister on the sidelines of the week of UN meetings in New York.

“There is only one prime minister”

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