Netanyahu says Israel will not recognize the Palestinian state under

Netanyahu says Israel will not recognize the Palestinian state under pressure

Netanyahu during a visit by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to Jerusalem, Monday (12) | Photo: EFE/EPA/ABIR SULTAN

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a statement saying the country would not recognize a Palestinian state under outside pressure.

“My positions can be summarized in the following two sentences,” Netanyahu said in a message published on X. “Israel categorically rejects international dictates regarding a permanent agreement with the Palestinians. “Such an agreement can only be reached through direct negotiations between the parties without preconditions.”

“Israel will continue to oppose the unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state. Such recognition after the October 7 massacre would be a huge reward for unprecedented terrorism and would hamper any future peace agreement,” the Prime Minister added.

The statement was released after Netanyahu spoke by phone for the second time this week with American President Joe Biden, one of those pushing for talks to create a Palestinian state.

An official from the prime minister's office told the Times of Israel that in the conversation the leaders discussed the release of hostages from the terrorist group Hamas, the impending ground attack on the southern Gaza town of Rafah and the humanitarian situation in the Palestinian region Enclave and the next phase of the war.

This week, the website NBC News reported that Biden had expressed increasing dissatisfaction with Netanyahu in private conversations.

Five sources said Biden accused the Israeli prime minister of “giving him hell” and said it was “impossible” to negotiate with him because he refused to reach a ceasefire agreement in Gaza.

The same sources said Biden privately referred to Netanyahu with derogatory terms such as “that guy” or openly offensive terms such as “asshole” (“asshole” or “idiot”).

On Sunday (11), according to the White House, Biden asked Netanyahu in a telephone conversation for a “credible and implementable” plan to protect the civilian population of Rafah during the land incursion announced by Israel.

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