Netanyahu under siege Now everyone wants him to resign

Netanyahu under siege: Now everyone wants him to resign

Noam Dam – aunt of two boys released at the end of November while their father remains in the tunnels of the Gaza Strip – says on television that the prime minister, the defense minister and the entire war council are taking action “against my family,” over the kidnapped citizens Doctrine,” the order the officers would never give to shoot the commando who kidnapped a soldier at the cost of the hostage’s life. That's why Eli Elbag has set up a tent with dozens of other relatives in front of the Netanyahu villa on the coast of Caesarea and promises not to leave: “Bibi's only legacy will be gravestones with his name as the cause of death,” he tells the Haaretz newspaper. “I don't want to block the ring road around Tel Aviv, I want to stop the passage here. “You can't leave until our children can leave Gaza.”

Tens of thousands of people on the streets managed to block the streets of the Mediterranean metropolis in support of an agreement to release the hostages, provided that Hamas leaders return to negotiations and call for the resignation of the longest-serving prime minister in the country's history for the first time back. The organizers of the protest movement, which had opposed the government's anti-democratic justice plan for ten months, had announced it: After the massacres of fundamentalist terrorists on October 7th, they had transformed the coordination of the groups into a machine of help and volunteer work. By January they explained. At that point the pressure on Netanyahu will begin again – and it has begun again. Anyone who repeats: “No elections, there is a war going on and it will last until 2025.”

Gadi Eisenkot, the former chief of staff who left the opposition along with Benny Gantz to join the limited Cabinet, is calling for a return to the vote. Ehud Barak, the former Labor prime minister, writes this in an editorial in Haaretz: “Gadi and Benny intend to set a date, no later than June.” If Netanyahu throws them out of the temporary coalition, the protests will be immense.” Yair Lapid , who has remained in the opposition, repeats: “He has to go, the people have lost faith.”

Gantz's party is overtaking Likud in the polls and the left, constantly losing consensus, is hoping to find a leader in former general Yair Golan, considered one of the heroes of October 7: at the first news of the invasion He put his After putting his uniform back on, he took the car and drove south to fight.

The slogan “Everyone at home now” overlaps with “Elections now”. American newspapers reveal that senior officers admit to a delay in operations compared to plans, and US intelligence estimates – according to the Wall Street Journal – that troops have killed 20 to 30 percent of Hamas' paramilitary forces, a figure that is a far cry from Netanyahu's proclamations about the final destruction of the Hamas organization. The total number of Palestinians killed is over 25,000, “this is heartbreaking and unacceptable,” said Antonio Guterres, the United Nations Secretary-General.

Netanyahu goes straight. “I reject the demands of the Hamas monsters for the release of the hostages,” he affirmed in a video shared on social media. They want an end to the war and the withdrawal of the army from Gaza. It would be a surrender, only a complete victory would allow the return of the abductees. It was my resistance that prevented the emergence of a Palestinian state for years. As long as I am Prime Minister, this cannot happen. I told President Joe Biden that control of security west of the Jordan must remain with Israel.”

The prime minister's proclamations come as the Americans, Egyptians and Qatari try to reach an agreement on a plan that would be part of the ceasefire with the release of all civilian abductees and lead to a permanent ceasefire in 90 days.