Netflix is ​​getting a makeover on the iPhone.webp

Netflix is ​​getting a makeover on the iPhone. – – PlanetWireless

The Netflix app for iPhone users just received an update. And according to the first users, the interface seems to have been well revised.

Netflix has become one of the most important film platforms. And for those who don’t know, Netflix is ​​an online streaming service that allows users to watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, and original content over the internet. Launched in 1997, it quickly gained popularity due to its wide variety of content.

Netflix, iPhone app optimized for users.

The update was unveiled by engineer Janum Trivedi on Twitter on Monday. During this discovery, readers were able to get a glimpse of this new update through a video. A video with incredibly smooth animations, an improved user interface, and a poster-like title when users open the app.

Above all, this new update seems to have been specially studied and adapted to the needs of iPhone users. In addition, the app welcomes the user at the start and offers him new content according to his habits. The user has the choice to either watch the content or add it to their list of videos they want to watch.

With the constant advancement of technology, it has become increasingly rare to watch TV. The vast majority of people today prefer watching a series or movie in…

Clicking on the content thumbnail takes you directly to information about the series or film on offer; Actors, type of content, duration… He can even watch a trailer.

“The app also uses the parallax effect, which means the artwork will deviate slightly when the iPhone is tilted in different directions.”

Show us Janum Trivedi.

In short, you will have understood that this new update seems to be successful from Netflix, which continues to develop its apps according to the different platforms. It has to be said that if the year of Covid-19 was an explosive year in terms of revenue for the online content platform, with the current crisis the figures are somewhat declining (and this for all streaming platforms).

Faced with energy prices and daily shopping basket, many people have decided to reduce their spending especially by using online video streaming services.