New law in Portugal benefits Brazilian immigrants

New law in Portugal benefits Brazilian immigrants

To make life easier for immigrants, the Portuguese government and parliament have taken several proactive measures. The latest of these measures, approved by the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic on January 5, only needs to come into force if approved by President Marcelo Rebelo de Souza and published in the Diário da República.

What impact does this new legislation have on immigrants?

The change in the law stipulates that citizens' waiting time for the issuance of their residence permit will be counted towards the five years required to obtain Portuguese citizenship. This means that if a Brazilian applies for a residence permit in Portugal and the documentation is issued two years after the application was submitted, this period will be counted towards the fiveyear period required to apply for citizenship.

Who are the biggest beneficiaries?

It is expected that this change in the law will benefit more than 150,000 Brazilians who are currently waiting for their residence permits. Many said they had been harmed by the immigration and border authorities' delay in regulating their document situation.

Another favorable measure for Brazilians residing in Portugal

Another relevant decision that benefits Brazilians living in Portugal was the recognition of children of Portuguese fathers or mothers who can apply for Portuguese citizenship after reaching the age of 18.

Important progress for Brazilian immigrants

These measures represent significant progress in the way Portugal is working to improve the situation of immigrants in the country. For lawyer Fábio Pimentel, the interest of the Portuguese government and the political class in regularizing the situation of immigrants in the country is becoming increasingly clear, especially of Brazilians, who are considered preferred immigrants due to their easy adaptability and their proximity to the country's culture.