New Nostradamus predictions for 2024 include natural disasters Check

New Nostradamus predictions for 2024 include natural disasters Check

Death of Vladimir Putin. “I feel like his death is imminent. The war between Russia and Ukraine will drag on after that, but Putin's death will be the final verdict, an agreement can be reached after his death.”

Putin's successor will be a woman. The seer also believes that the president's successor will be “as bad as he is.”

Earthquakes in the United States and Italy. “I have a feeling there will be a big earthquake in the United States that will hit the entire West Coast and even reach Mexico City. I don’t think there will be a total collapse, but it will be big.”

“Major floods” in London and Germany and a tsunami in Australia. “I see some devastating floods coming to Europe and the UK. And I see another tsunami in the Pacific and I see the Australian coast being hit.”

And Australia must have other natural disasters. The seer claims that the country will be the scene of several floods, forest fires, an explosion in Australia's Great Barrier Reef and even a new pandemic although not in 2024. “Not now, but in the future, a bacterial infection will arise that… “The world will be able to fight this, it won’t be as extreme as Covid.”

Taylor Swift's pregnancy. “I believe she will become pregnant after the Eras Tour 2024 leg. And then she will rest for a few years after her recent success.”