New Years Eve with sexist songs Emis Killas performance canceled

“New Year’s Eve with sexist songs”, Emis Killa’s performance canceled News ​​

The mayor of Ladispoli decided to cancel the rapper’s performance after Emis Killa’s participation in the New Year’s concert led to a case.

“Although the artist has already performed in our city in 2022, we have decided, by mutual agreement with everyone involved, to cancel his performance planned for the evening of December 31st as soon as possible in order to restore a climate of serenity.” We will communicate the changes in the event schedule as much as possible,” league mayor Alessandro Grando wrote on social media following the controversy surrounding the singer’s sexist songs. “I understand the reasons of those who have spoken out against the content of some texts,” he stressed, “but our intention was never to convey false messages.”

“Emis Killa himself clarified his position and reminded that the song is about putting yourself in the attacker’s point of view and talking about facts that unfortunately happen in real life – and that already seven years ago,” explained he. “We simply want to give our young people the opportunity to take part in a great event in their city, free of charge and in a festive atmosphere,” added the mayor.

Emis Killa, sexist? I tell stories, good or bad

“In rap there is something called story telling. It means presenting a story in rhyme, good or bad.”. In the piece I interpret, invent, and tell facts that unfortunately happen, no matter how unpleasant they may be. Emiliano doesn’t speak in the piece, and I don’t even think I have to give too many justifications to those who don’t want to understand it. In another, much more recent story, I play Renato Vallanzasca, I don’t know, do you want to give me a few years in prison? Or we ban Denzel Washington from all cinemas because he kills his wife in “He Got Game”. “You have to recover,” said the rapper Emis Killa responds to accusations of sexism The decision of the municipality of Ladispoli to entrust him with the concert in the square at the end of the year hit him hard.

“To get an idea of ​​me in this regard, you should talk to the women who are part of my life, from my family to my friends,” the artist adds in a post on Instagram – “You can do anything you want Canceling concerts,” banning rappers from the radio, outrage as a group on social media, you won’t change the reality that people like me have the courage to tell, even if it comes back to me in the worst possible way. Look for the guilty among you, not those who are on your side, even if they have a different way of dealing with things.” Emis Killa then posts a message from one of her fans saying she is She was “victim of a toxic relationship for a year and a half” and emphasizes that the rapper’s songs saved her. “That’s the impact on people. Newspapers,” concludes the artist.

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