NFL Mahomes predicted the Chiefs39 victory a month ago

NFL: Mahomes predicted the Chiefs' victory a month ago

One of the keys to success for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is certainly confidence, and he wasn't lacking at all heading into the NFL playoffs.

His wife Brittany also posted a message on her Instagram account in which she made it clear that a win in Sunday's final had been part of the couple's plans for several weeks. In a text message sent on January 5, the center wrote to his wife: “I have decided that we are going to win the Super Bowl.” Then, after his team's triumph in the American Association finals, he replied to his own letter with this Addition: “See you all in Las Vegas.”

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“This season was special. This guy never stopped believing in his team – despite all the ups and downs. Despite all the skeptics, he never doubted for a moment, Ms. Mahomes said on her social networks. He is a true leader and team player. He continued to demand more of himself to lead this club to the Super Bowl. I have seen so much behind the scenes and will always be in awe of you, the person and the football player. You are my man and you deserve it. I love you and I will always be proud of you.”

The Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers this weekend to win their third title in five years.