NFL Player Kyle Juszczyk Gushes Over Wife Kristin While Taylor

NFL Player Kyle Juszczyk Gushes Over Wife Kristin While Taylor Swift Rocks Her Design – HuffPost

San Francisco 49ers player Kyle Juszczyk took time this week to praise his wife Kristin Juszczyk as her fashion career reaches new heights.

Kristin Juszczyk designed the custom puffer jacket Taylor Swift wore as she braved the freezing temperatures at the Kansas City Chiefs-Miami Dolphins playoff game last Saturday. Swift's jacket was emblazoned with No. 87 in honor of her boyfriend, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Swift isn't Kristin Juszczyk's first celebrity client, as Olympic gymnast Simone Biles and Twilight actor Taylor Lautner were also recently spotted in her designs. Such high-profile endorsements have created huge buzz (and apparently a surge in demand) for her brand, Designs by Kristin, and her husband couldn't be prouder.

Open Image ModalTaylor Swift's custom puffer jacket was designed by Kristin Juszczyk, wife of NFL player Kyle Juszczyk.

“[It’s been] It’s pure joy just to see her receive this recognition,” Kyle Juszczyk told The Athletic on Tuesday. “She's been grinding for years, she's worked so hard. That’s why I’m so excited for her to put her stuff out there, for everyone to see it and for people to realize it was hers.”

Regarding his wife's creative process, Kyle Juszczyk said that she has been known to work “20 hours” on a single jacket.

“Sometimes I wake up at 3 or 4 a.m. and she's not in bed,” he explained. “She’s downstairs, she’s working. So she was really, really grinning.”

Ahead of Tuesday's interview, Kyle Juszczyk made sure to hype Kristin's work on X, formerly Twitter, just as Swift's game day ensemble was causing a stir.

“Made by my wife!!” he wrote after someone posted footage of Swift entering Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. We share a video from ESPN's Adam Schefter that shows the details of Swift's look, he enthused: “She’s an absolute star!”

Open image ModalSan Francisco 49ers player Kyle Juszczyk made sure to exaggerate his wife's work on X, while Swift's game day ensemble turned heads.

Cooper Neill via Getty Images

Unsurprisingly, some on social media have favorably compared Kyle Juszczyk's comments to those of Green Bay Packers player Jonathan Owens, who is married to Biles. In recent weeks, Owens made headlines after admitting he didn't recognize his future wife, the most decorated gymnast in history, after connecting with her on a dating app.

Kristin Juszczyk appears ready to continue her rise and has reportedly gained more than 400,000 followers on social media after Swift wore her jacket.

“Women want to wear things that make them feel comfortable,” she told California’s KRON-TV this week. “I try to take silhouettes and shapes from things I wear in my everyday life.”

As Kyle Juszczyk pointed out, many have confused his wife's designs with more commercial sportswear – which is why he feels particularly motivated to make sure she gets proper recognition.

“At first the announcers said, 'Hey, Taylor Swift can make Nike do anything.' Oh, come on,” he told The Athletic. “We need to let these people know it was all Kristin.”

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