NHL Skills Contest 3 new events

NHL Skills Contest: 3 new events!

The National Hockey League (NHL) is offering three new events during the Skills competition as part of All-Star Game Weekend on February 3 at the FLA LIVE Arena in Sunrise, Fla.

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In addition to traditional competitions such as fastest skater, most accurate shots, strongest throw and breakaways, the audience will be treated to events reminiscent of the tropical environment in which the participants will find themselves. In addition, two of the new events will take place outdoors.

The “NHL Splash Shot” takes place on a beach in Fort Lauderdale and consists of two teams of four players each. The competitors must hit targets before attempting to send their rivals into the water. The first successful formation will triumph. At the “NHL Pitch ‘n Puck” six participants show their golfing skills. You will find yourself on a green island with a par 4 hole. To do this, the players perform typical hockey and golf swings. In the event of a tie, the author of the best shot among the holders of the first rank has the last word.

The other novelty of the program, the “NHL Tendy Tandem” is played indoors and consists of eight goaltenders working in pairs, with each team representing the four sections (Atlantic, Metropolitan, Central and Pacific) in the run. One of the tandem members shoots: his team gets three points if he manages to send the puck straight into the narrow opening, two if the puck hits the target in the net, and zero if the shot is missed. The other goalkeeper of the duo meets one, two or three rivals at the breakaway, depending on how many points his teammate has accumulated beforehand. The team with the most points wins this competition.

Each event winner receives $30,000. The television station TVA Sports will broadcast the skill competition on February 3 at 7 p.m.