Nine people were swept away by an avalanche in Sancy

Nine people were swept away by an avalanche in Sancy, France, in the Massif Central: at least four people were killed

Tragedy in the mountains of France. A avalanche he was at least overwhelmed nine people at the location of Sancyat Puy-de-Dôme, in French Massif Centralat least provocative four dead. Three other people were slightly injured.

The tragedy in Sancy, France

The group of nine people, out of the train for a trip Ski mountaineeringHe was overwhelmed by the avalanche on Sunday, February 25th.

Four of them would have died. Franceinfo reports it after learning about it from SDIS Puy-de-Dôme.

Puy de Sancy, the highest mountain in the French Massif Central

Three People would have stayed Slightly injuredwhile the rest two escaped unhurt since the accident.


One was started immediately extensive search operation to find two initially missing skiers.

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They were eventually found injured. The prefecture of Puy-de-Dôme has issued a press release urging the population to do so Avoid the area and follow the safety instructions.

It is believed that most of the skiers were local Cantal. They were accompanied by a guide Who knew the area and who was a victim?

High danger of avalanches

With Over 60 centimeters of snow fell in the last days, the The avalanche danger in the area was level 3.

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The conditions of the last few days, also due to the strong windsthey would have prevented the snow from solidifying, This increases the risk of disasters.

However, part of the Le Mont-Dore ski area remained open to tourists who came to ski on vacation.

The European avalanche danger scale

The danger of avalanches is pointed out European avalanche danger scalewhich makes it easier to understand.

The scale is divided into five numbered levels and connected to gods Colors: The Level 1 (green) indicates a situation in which an avalanche is unlikely to be triggered.

The Level 2 (yellow) represents a moderate avalanche danger: Triggering is only likely in cases of heavy overload and on very steep slopes. We are talking about Level 3 (orange) When there is a high risk of avalanches and on steep slopes, even a small load is enough to remove the snow cover.

With the Level 4 (red) Avalanches are triggered in large numbers even at low loads, while at… Level 5 (red and black chess) Large spontaneous avalanches can be expected even on slopes that are not particularly steep.

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