Ninel Conde raises the temperature of the networks by showing

Ninel Conde raises the temperature of the networks by showing off her natural body

Nine Conde She is one of the most representative and popular artists in Mexico. Thanks to her successful career, the native of the city of Toluca de Lerdo enjoys great popularity in the virtual world. A few hours ago he shared some states in his official accounts that blinded everyone.

The Mexican singer and actress announced this on her official Twitter account instagram some stories that not only confirmed her exuberant beauty, but also the perfect figure she has at 46 years old. In the videos you can see Nine Conde work out and show off his brilliant physical condition.

In the clips you can see Nine Conde She wore a tight white athletic outfit that didn’t mar her stunning beauty. In one of the videos, the popular artist can be heard saying: “Well, I already ran on an empty stomach, I want you to see how this fat burner makes you sweat, just look, keep working and I stopped one run for a while”.

Those videos you posted Nine Conde They quickly went viral on the network and were shared by their followers on various fan pages. She has more than five million followers on the aforementioned cam’s network, who respond instantly to each of her posts.

In other of the stories he shared Nine Conde On IG you can see the famous singer and actress wearing a white dress in front of the mirror, characterized by a pronounced laceration on one of her legs. This showed the statuesque body he has at his age. Apparently, the passage of years has suited the beautiful Aztec very well.

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Ninel Conde is the owner of great popularity in social networks.