Ninel Conde reacts and defends her daughter Sofia Telch

Ninel Conde reacts and defends her daughter Sofia Telch

Posted in PROMIS on 05/16/2022 07:29

Given the rumors that his daughter Sophia Telsch took the party and the liquor, Ninel Conde reacts and defends the young woman, assuring that these are inventions and unfounded gossip, but that’s what she’s there for and she denies it.

Interviewed by the channel “Delarosatv”, the so-called “killer hottie” She shared that the two things she enjoys most when she’s in Mexico are performing and being with her kids. Without further ado, the actress also spoke about the situation and the rumors about her daughter, which she described as outrage.

“One must count the blessings and listen to positive things,” said the actress, recalling being a good mom supporting her firstborn because she’s always liked to stay out of the spotlight. Sofia is also the daughter of actor Ari Telch.

Sofía is the daughter of Ninel Conde with actor Ari Telch

“I am proud of my daughter and will always defend her”said Conde, adding that professionally, he’s already assembling songs for his new album, which he’s recording in Miami.

And that’s exactly what the actress of stories like “Fire in the blood” and “Because love commands” did not want to give details about her daughter Sofía Telch, who returned to Mexico a few months ago after attending school in the United States, for several years . As revealed The 25-year-old has given the singer a headache because she likes parties and alcohol, and some friends have revealed that she is ashamed of her mother. for the constant messes she gets involved in.

You have to remember that Conde not only has problems with her ex-partner Giovanni Medina about custody of their son Emmanuel, but is also being investigated by the US authorities. because he was a romantic partner with Larry Ramos, a Colombian scammer.

This is how Ninel Conde was spotted with Colombian Larry Ramos

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