Nintendo Switch 2 Pro model with 12GB RAM and 12

Nintendo Switch 2 Pro model with 12GB RAM and 12 SM announced in leaked Switch 2 specs –

RedGamingTech (Paul Eccleston) is back with a new potential Nintendo Switch 2 specs video, detailing a whole list of specs that make the rumored upcoming hybrid console seem a bit light. The Switch 2 specs listed (see screenshot below) appear to come from a mix of a United Daily News (UDN) report published a few weeks ago and the YouTuber's own sources. It is worth mentioning that the specifications listed in the UDN article were based on rumors.

The Nintendo Switch 2 has apparently been downgraded to the point where it can only offer 10 SM (streaming multiprocessors), 8 GB of RAM and a meager 64 GB of eMMC storage. On the positive side, there is better battery life and support for 120Hz refresh rate is also reported in the UDN Money section. RedGamingTech also adds more details, such as a 7-inch OLED panel, and controversially lists “a Switch-like OLED design” to keep in mind since the Switch launched in 2017 and the OLED model came onto the market in 2021 (available). currently available on Amazon for $348).

Interestingly, this Switch 2 spec leak appears to have some flaws, such as mentioning A78AE cores in the expected T239 SoC. AE (“Automotive Enhanced”) cores could unnecessarily limit the performance of a next-generation console, while the often-rumored A78C () cores would offer more performance. The much-rumored A78C would offer more work space for developers. Significant design changes are also expected, and it has been stated that the Nintendo Switch 2 will likely feature an LCD screen instead of an OLED screen. However, Eccleston and his sources believe a Switch 2 Pro model could address gamers' disappointment over the release of such a lukewarm base console.

Apparently a Nintendo Switch 2 Pro could have 12GB of RAM and 12 SM thanks to the T239 features fully enabled in this particular model. It's not impossible that Nintendo will release multiple variants of the Nintendo Switch 2 Pro and multiple variants of its next-gen console, but it would be surprising if a base model with just 64GB of eMMC storage and reduced processing capabilities were part of the lineup, especially when the starting price is around $400. Competition from handheld devices is only getting stronger and there are more and more competitors, so Nintendo needs to make sure it stays ahead of the game with the Switch 2, despite the legions of fans preparing to buy it.