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No one shows up at the boy’s birthday party, then the unexpected twist. The mother: “I communicate

Everything was ready for her birthday: Sweets, drinks, garlands and the cake. The invitations had been delivered on time, but nobody showed up at his party. The small jaydenn He will not soon forget his ninth birthday, which he unfortunately celebrated without friends on December 31st. Telling his story – with an unexpected happy ending – was his mother Rosario Lopeza woman of Utah (United States) who had a brilliant idea to save her little boy’s party


Birthday party so social media saved a 9 year old boy’s party

Realizing no one was coming to the party, the woman posted photos of her lonely and disconsolate child during the party to a local Facebook group and asked if anyone would like to attend. This simple gesture was enough to unleash social solidarity: within a few hours, dozens of packages arrived at home. Inside, games, tickets, pastries, sweets and gifts of all kinds for little Jaydenn.

Mother Rosario’s appeal did not leave indifferent the members of the local community, who worked hard to save the child’s birthday by sending gifts with delivery men.

«To be honest, I was moved to tears. I hadn’t expected that at all. There are good people out there,” she told local media. “I can’t even tell you how grateful I am. We are truly grateful from the bottom of our hearts,” he added.

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