1664817858 quotno revengequot Mara Venier on Romina Powers warning

"no revenge": Mara Venier on Romina Power’s warning

New details about the clash between the singer and the presenter of Domenica In are emerging. And the latter responds on social media

Published on: October 3, 2022 2:49 p.mMara Venier

Source: Rai Press Office

In these hours there is a lot of discussion about what happened in the episode of Domenica that aired yesterday, October 2, afternoon Rai 1. was the special guest of the program Loredana Leccisoto which Mara Venier dedicated a long interview. The showgirl also spoke about her family and her special relationship with her husband. Al Bano Carrisi; but at the time he was about to call Romina PowerHer former historian, the presenter, stopped her. “We don’t have to give her a name or they will sue us.”

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New details on Romina Power’s warning to Mara Venier

Mara Venier then left the audience speechless by revealing that the same force, a great friend of the presenter, sent one beware to Rai and asked that her name never be mentioned in the interview with Loredana Lecciso. But after that excitement the mentioned, published TV blog a To update: According to accredited sources, Venier had no intention of speaking about her. “Romina Power would have sent a message to a senior Rai executive asking that Loredana Lecciso’s participation in the fourth installment of Domenica In was not an excuse, about her, her children, her work and her work to speak of the tour with Albano. Otherwise (she always specifies in the same report) it would damage her image, asking public television to inform her in advance of the content of Loredana Lecciso’s participation in the program in order to provide references In addition, according to our findings, Ms. Power’s concerns were unfounded, since no reference to her person was provided in the schedule, since the meeting was obviously entirely dedicated to the guest in the studio, or Loredana Lecciso”.

The replica of Mara Venier

Venier herself also expressed her opinion disappointment for what happened, in particular by i Social, answering questions from some users. He wrote: “Come on Lecciso, Mara never invited her. Strange case, Romina was invited to Verissimo and immediately Mara invites Lecciso. Won’t Mara be a bit vindictive?” There are also those who have it defense: “Getting a warning from what a friend of yours has always praised is not the best, anyone would have reacted badly. Personally, I think if Romina had had any doubts about tonight’s episode, regarding the guest of Lecciso , she should have.” I picked up the phone and called her friend. The warning is for an enemy, not one that she has included in her program 80 times”. To which the presenter replied with a laconic “Thank you”.

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