1709032349 No school holidays due to solar eclipse in Beauce

No school holidays due to solar eclipse in Beauce

Beauceron students who hoped to stay home on April 8, the expected day of the total solar eclipse, are in danger of being disappointed. The Beauce-Etchemin School Service Center (CSSBE) recognized a unique opportunity to teach science “in a concrete context” and decided to keep its schools open.

Since the solar eclipse is still in progress at the usual school end time (3:15 p.m.), the elementary school timetable will be extended until 4:30 p.m.

The CSSBE mentions that the measure will allow students to experience this unique event in a safe way.

Information and awareness activities are planned at the school until April 8, particularly to remind people of the importance of wearing glasses during the solar eclipse, the organization explains in a press release published on Friday.

Artist's impression of a total solar eclipse.

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A solar eclipse occurs when the moon is perfectly aligned between the Earth and the sun. (archive photo)

Photo: Canadian Space Agency

As an exception, there will be no student transport at the end of the day. Schools will provide parents with full details of the daily program and childcare options offered, she adds.

There are no changes planned to the timetable for secondary, vocational and adult education students. You will be offered school transport as usual.


To enable all students and staff to safely observe this rare astronomical phenomenon, the organization distributes ISO 12312-2 certified sunglasses to them. This represents an expense of approximately $25,000.

According to data obtained by Radio-Canada through an information request, the CSSBE has managed to order 17,500 glasses so far. He mentions that suppliers' stocks are very limited.

Sunglasses orders

clienteleNumber of glasses to order
Preschool and primary school students (grades 4 to 6)10,614
High school students7099
Vocational student88
Staff (primary and secondary)2375
In total20,176

Source: Beauce-Etchemin school service center

In order to provide protection for all students and staff, the school service center needs to purchase 2,500 more pairs of glasses.

A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon aligns perfectly between the Earth and the Sun, briefly plunging some regions of the Earth into darkness.

A first for over 50 years

The April 8 solar eclipse will be visible in certain regions of Quebec, Ontario and the Maritime provinces. The timing and duration of the solar eclipse varies depending on where it can be observed.

According to the Canadian Space Agency, the last total solar eclipse visible in Quebec occurred in 1972.

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