quotno signalquot Expert reveals Putins war plan

"no signal" Expert reveals Putin’s war plan

Vladimir Putin’s troops have been attacking Ukraine for about a year. A journalist is now analyzing how the warmonger will proceed.

“The arms delivery has been more turbulent than one would like,” journalist Denis Trubetskoy describes the mood in the war-torn country in Kiev. He fails to understand that there is criticism that Ukraine is asking for more and more weapons, as he explained to moderator Marie-Claire Zimmermann on ORF “ZIB2” on Sunday night. As Russia has shifted to a war economy and is producing weapons non-stop, it is “natural that Ukraine is asking for weapons”. Russia is also counting on a tactic that would claim many lives.

With prisoners under the control of the Wagner group and other poorly trained soldiers, Ukrainian positions will be overrun – no matter how high the losses. Trubetskoy once again emphasized that Ukraine is waiting for the delivery of fighter jets, which would play an extremely important role in strengthening anti-aircraft defenses and intercepting missiles from day one. US fears that China might supply Russia with arms would “greatly disappoint” Ukraine, the journalist said. Until now, Vladimir Putin has been very isolated with partners like Iran and North Korea.

“Very, Very Long War”

“With China, this would certainly be a problem for Ukraine,” the expert said. The question is also what weapons they would be. However, Trubetskoy did not see a quick end to the war, Russia was planning “a very, very long war and new waves of mobilization”, regardless of whether they were publicly known or carried out secretly.

In general, there is “no sign” that Russia will stop, the journalist said. At the same time, he was “quite optimistic” about the local war situation. Ukraine is preparing offensives in the rear, and citizens are behind this.

By the way, the journalist Marina Ovsyannikova also appeared on the program. The television journalist, best known for her live protest against military action in Ukraine at the start of the war, is on Russia’s wanted list because she went to Paris despite being handcuffed. She told about her escape: On a Friday, when Russian security forces are usually not so attentive, she fled with her daughter, “changed vehicles seven times” and had to “orient herself by the stars” without a network of cell phone.

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