No water or electricity A private island in San Francisco

No water or electricity: A private island in San Francisco is for sale for $25 million – TVA Nouvelles

A private island in San Francisco Bay may have no water or electricity, but that isn't stopping the sale price from reaching $25 million.

Red Rock Island is the only private island in the area and was listed for sale last November for the very modest sum of $25 million (or more than $33 million Canadian), according to the New York Post.

The six-hectare island can only be reached by boat or helicopter. Steep cliffs, rocky shoreline, little vegetation: This island has little to offer, but its seller, Brock Durning, believes it's a trophy property and should fetch a high price. .

“We think it's like owning a Leonardo da Vinci or a Rothko. “It’s something someone wants in their portfolio, like art or sculpture,” broker Chris Lim said, according to the New York Times Post.

According to the CEO of the Private Island Listing site, Chris Krolow, Red Rock Island has been on and off the market for around twenty years. The island's price would range from $5 million to $25 million.

“We call them our decorative islands. “They're really pretty and they get a lot of attention, but they don't sell,” Krolow said.