Noovo Secretly Reveals Images Of Marc Labreches New Talk Show

Noovo Secretly Reveals Images Of Marc Labrèche’s New Talk Show: The Title Revealed –

Bell Media and Noovo apparently picked the big night of Super Bowl LVII, when the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles, to surreptitiously reveal the first footage of Marc Labrèche’s new talk show.

We will recall that we recently learned that the tall blonde would be joining Noovo this spring to offer a new talk show in his likeness.

When we revisited a recording of the Super Bowl on RDS, we were surprised to find this ad placement, to say the least, which doesn’t seem to be available on social media yet.

If we can’t show you, we can tell you that we saw Marc Labrèche having a great time there, singing surrounded by his band in which we find the musicians Antoine Gratton and Claude Cobra from Bleu Blue Jeans . Labrèche sings “I come to you”, which turns out to be the title of this long-awaited new show!

Likewise, one could see the new plateau of Labrèche, which seems friendly to say the least. We see a crescent table around which his guests are seated. A room topped with small white lights and covered with a lush red carpet acts as the stage.

In this clip we could see Matthieu Pepper, Fabien Cloutier, Isabelle Boulay and Phil Roy. It’s probably a snippet from an episode we’ll be able to see on Noovo this spring.

Likewise, we see some images of parodies, including one of François Legault. Thus, the animator, unique in its kind, does not deny its love and will still offer its famous imitations for our greatest happiness.

The show I come to you is produced by Pamplemousse Media. The broadcast date has not yet been announced. We are frankly impatient to discover this new proposal! And you?