1706404355 Norah Lapointe reveals how her loved ones reacted to her

Norah Lapointe reveals how her loved ones reacted to her participation in La Voix – 7 Jours

The love of singing is in Norah Lapointe's blood, as several members of her family are interested in the music scene. However, her mother, father and stepfather were all surprised when the 19-year-old announced she was auditioning The voice!

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Norah, what age were you at your first show?
When I was six, I played the role of Rose in Décembre de Québecissime. When I grew up, I played his big sister Violette. This show is one of my fondest childhood memories as my mother (Caroline Riverin), my father (Alex Lapointe) and my stepfather (Marc-André Fortin) all three attended Décembre.

Did you always know you wanted to take this path?
I studied architecture at CEGEP for a year, a necessary detour that made me realize that singing was more than just a family passion: it was my passion too! I am now in the jazz singing program at Cégep de Saint-Laurent and I really feel at home. It doesn't matter what I do – singing solo, performing in musicals, being a choir member, teaching, composing songs, etc. – I know that music will be a part of my life!

Norah Lapointe reveals how her loved ones reacted to her

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Your loved ones probably weren't surprised when they found out that you wanted to take part in the blind auditions!
On the contrary, they were all surprised! When I was younger I sang in musicals, but I hid behind a character and was surrounded by other performers. The idea of ​​singing alone on stage stressed me out a lot. But my passion for singing and my desire to experience this great ride was stronger than anything else. My parents supported me a lot during the filming of “La Voix”, especially my father-in-law Marc-André, who won the Star Académie in 2005. He felt like he was reliving this adventure.

You didn't show your nervousness at all when you went on stage! Plus, before you even said your first note, Corneille pointed out that you walked with confidence!
This is true! I was nervous backstage, but when I walked in the door that feeling went away and all I wanted to do was sing. I chose “Nothing is Worth Running” by Karim Ouellet, which I re-appropriated in a ballad-like version. I'm glad to have performed it on stage. Unfortunately, Karim Ouellet is no longer in this world, but his songs survive him.

what is The voice you learned?
This experience made me realize that I can do great things, that I am stronger than I think, that I shouldn't let nerves stop me from achieving my dreams, and that I should just follow my heart.

His choice of coach

1706404348 154 Norah Lapointe reveals how her loved ones reacted to her

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The young singer convinced the four trainers. “In fact, due to a technical problem, the chairs did not turn around, but the lights in front of the chairs turned on. So I understood that they had all turned around! (laughs) I chose Corneille because I really like him as an artist and appreciate his human side, which I discovered last year at La Voix.”

Watch the rest of the Blind Auditions Sunday at 7pm on TVA.

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