Nord Stream leaks A dangerous methane cloud flies over Europe

Nord Stream leaks: A dangerous methane cloud flies over Europe

the gist After the Nord Stream explosions, a cloud of methane flew over Europe. After Finland, Denmark and Sweden, Italy is said to be affected.

While the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines caused an impressive simmer in the Baltic Sea, the explosions also created a cloud of gas that escaped into the atmosphere.

According to ICOS (research infrastructure that monitors fluxes of greenhouse gases), the proportion of methane in the plume that formed after the violent explosions is “estimated to be the size of a whole year’s methane emissions for a city the size of Paris or a country like.” Denmark.” These emissions were notably measured by ICOS at stations in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Soon in Italy

“We assume that the wind over the leak area blew the methane emissions north towards the Finnish archipelago and then tilted towards Sweden and Norway,” explained Professor Stephen Platt from NILU.

According to Corriere della Sera, the cloud has now split in two and part of it is now moving towards Italy. If methane is not a major threat to humans, it is no less destructive to the environment.