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Normand Brathwaite: “I’m starting to feel a bit taboo”

Around Norman Brathwaite To be the target of false advertising, just like they were Gino Chouinard, Ève-Marie Lortie, Claude Legault and several other public figures from here.

The host discussed the frustrating situation Sophie Durocher on the airwaves of QUB Radio.

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It all starts with a false article suggesting a war between Normand and Guy A. Lepage, encouraging the public to click on the link in question. The site then pushes people to invest in cryptocurrencies by fraudulently using Brathwaite's identity.

“There's a guy in my set from Belle et Bum (…) who came to tell me… start talking to me about Bitcoins or I don't know… You know me, I don't know anything about it, and that he I had invested 300 dollars there … then I didn't understand it because as you know I have 0 internet, 0 Facebook, 0 nothing … and at some point my 26 year old son told me that all knows I called laughing and said, “I can't believe they chose you to sell Bitcoins when it took you 15 years to be able to send a text message,” the moderator testified.

A situation that made Normand laugh at the time, but which he now describes as anything but amusing. In fact, the veteran presenter's laughter quickly turned to anger and he even said that he was starting to “be a bit taboo.”

“At first it made me laugh, and now I have to say that I'm starting to be a bit taboo (…) A bit taboo, because if someone goes on TV and says that I said something like that, people will doubt it . But now it has become serious because I am the one saying it…” Brathwaite testified.

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The latter plans to discuss with the artists' association the development of a project that will allow the public to verify whether his advertisements, which concern many personalities, are true or false.

A story that turns out to be another lesson in prevention to stay vigilant on the Internet.