1695207708 Normand Brathwaite stars in a project we didnt expect him

Normand Brathwaite stars in a project we didn’t expect him to be in at all – 7 Days

Normand Brathwaite is a pillar of Télé-Québec and has been working at this station for, get this, no less than 36 years! This fall he begins his 21st season as host Belle and boomin addition to starring in a new children’s series and making her big return to radio.

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Normand, with Belle and Bum your mission was to entertain people but also to give a platform to many lesser known artists, right?

That is the goal. I say, at every show I want there to be someone who makes me cry and someone I’ve never seen before who throws me to the ground. Or it could be the person we’ve never met before who makes me cry and throw me to the ground. People listen to the show to discover a new world. That’s really the idea.

Are you surprised that Belle and Bum is already in its 21st season?

We’ve been saying this to each other since the 10th grade! There will be Hubert Lenoirs all the time, and for these artists there is no other show than Belle et Bum. Hubert came to us and the enthusiasm for his music quickly grew. The emission is a starter, a spark plug. In addition, I have the personnel for it: I have the best musicians that you can’t have. We’ll focus on the music first.

Normand Brathwaite stars in a project we didnt expect him

Patrick Seguin

For 21 years, you’ve had a front row seat to how much Quebec’s music scene has evolved…

Yes, completely. Our mandate also includes cultural communities and music. We are prepared to play African or Japanese, whatever we want. When people talk to me about Belle et Bum, they tell me that they want to hear music from elsewhere, which happens almost everywhere in the world.

Does all of this help you stay young and fit?

Yes. Look, I met my new conductor; We have a 35 year difference, but it doesn’t show, I don’t see it.

We’ll also see you in a new youth program on Télé-Québec…

In fact, I play in Drazilion. This is my first time participating in a children’s series. I play a ghost, Captain Goulache, who can only be seen by children. Almost all of my scenes revolve around children; It’s very exciting to play with them. It’s work. Just learning the lyrics is something. These are not texts, they are poetry. If you’re lying in bed with Guylaine Tremblay and she says, “I love you,” you know you’ll probably reply, “Me too.” But that’s magical: I come from the world of Virmark and often say words that there isn’t. It reminds us that it is a game. The word says it: play. And the kids really hit the mark.

1695207695 27 Normand Brathwaite stars in a project we didnt expect him

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I imagine you enjoyed acting in the stage adaptation of The great seductionlast summer…

A lot. I reconciled myself with the theater because the gang was great fun. And then working with Michel Rivard was the best of the best. Actors love acting. That’s the fun back then.

Do you plan to play more often?

That remains to be seen, but by nature I like comedy more and when the project includes a bit of music. At the moment I’m finishing filming Drazilion and I’m really liking it.

You’ve had a busy autumn, because you too are returning to radio!

I admit I was a little greedy! I went to CKOI where we had a special Yé trop d’bonneheure! organized. We brought up all sorts of things: auditory hallucinations, gossip, etc. There was a request from listeners and I was called back. I don’t host, I take part in the morning show on Mondays with the gang with the aim of doing more one day. But not right away, because as long as I have Belle and Bum, that’s not possible. I won’t do that again, in addition to doing Pimento Fort and Belle et Bum the morning show on the radio, as I have done for a long time. That does not make sense. But I admit that it is a bit strange time, because this summer I was supposed to be in another play in the theater, but since I was playing Drazilion, that was impossible.

Were you still able to enjoy your vacation time?

No not at all. I was in Gaspésie for four days, but that was it.

1695207699 271 Normand Brathwaite stars in a project we didnt expect him

Patrick Seguin

Finally, tell me about your role as a grandfather. This is a first for you!

Yes, Elizabeth’s son is already three years old. Because of the pandemic, I hardly saw him anymore, I didn’t want to take any chances, even if Elizabeth told me to go for a walk. It’s happening quickly and now I see it a lot. He even has his drum already! It’s funny, it seems like it’s different today with the kids because they love their grandparents. I do not know why. The same applies to my wife’s granddaughter, Marie-Claude. When the little one comes to our house, there is the dog, the swimming pool, the lake and a farm with animals next door. He really loves it and doesn’t want to leave! And Grandpa also gives him anything he wants to eat!

Belle and boomSaturday 9 p.m., on Télé-Québec. DragilionMonday to Thursday, 5:30 p.m., on Télé-Québec, from September 18th. Stand-up comicsMondays from 5:30 a.m., at CKOI.

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