North Korea fires at least two new ballistic missiles Japan

North Korea fires at least two new ballistic missiles, Japan warns

Pyongyang fired two new missiles this Thursday; caused warnings to be sent out by the Japanese authorities.

North Korea fired an unidentified ballistic missile at the Sea of ​​Japan east of the peninsula this Thursday morning (just before midnight on Wednesday in Paris), the South Korean army told Yonhap Agency. Information publicly confirmed by the Japanese Prime Minister’s Office.

Japanese television has issued several alerts urging residents to take shelter, as we saw on the NHK channel broadcast by the American Embassy in Tokyo.

However, the missile “did not fly over Japan,” the Japanese defense minister said, contrary to what Tokyo had previously said.

“The missile was determined to have the potential to overfly the Japanese archipelago and a (special) warning was issued, but after reviewing this information we confirmed that the missile did not cross the Japanese archipelago, but disappeared over the Sea of ​​Japan, Japan,” Minister Yasukazu Hamada told reporters.

The erroneously issued warning in Japan resulted in a brief disruption to the country’s bullet train system in some areas, according to AFP reports.

The South Korean army also says a second unidentified ballistic missile was launched from Pyongyang into the East Sea. According to Japanese public television NHK, it is “probable” that a third missile was fired.

Several starts in the last few days

Several missiles were sent into the Baltic Sea from Pyongyang on Wednesday, including one that crashed near South Korean territorial waters. An operation condemned “with the utmost determination” by Paris, but also by Seoul, which denounced a “territorial invasion”.

North Korea on Tuesday sharply criticized the announcement of joint military exercises between Seoul and Washington for this week. “A provocation,” Pyongyang said, “can no longer be tolerated,” a North Korean official said.

For several months, Pyongyang has regularly warned Seoul and Washington. A North Korean ballistic missile flew over Japan a few weeks ago.