North Korea launches ICBM "surprise manoeuvre" GZH

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The apparatus flew for 66 minutes and would have the capacity to travel 14,000 kilometers, according to the Japanese government STRINGER / KCNA VIA KNS / AFP

The recent launch of an ICBM from North Korea Corresponds to a Hwasong15 fired as part of a surprise maneuver, the state news agency KCNA reported on Sunday (19th) local time, Saturday night (18th) in Brazil.

The launch was condemned by South Korea, US It is Japanwhich ensured that the device fell into its exclusive economic zone (EEZ), as well as by the G7 and the European Union (HH).

Launched from Pyongyang International Airport, the missile “flew to a maximum altitude of 5,768.5 km and covered 989 km in 4,015 seconds before landing correctly in a predetermined area of ​​open water,” KCNA explained.


The Japanese government had stated that the machine would fly 66 minutes and have a capacity of 14,000 kilometers, allowing it to reach any point in the Americas.

According to KCNA, “the maneuver was organized without prior notice” and personally authorized by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Pyongyang on Friday threatened an “unprecedented” response to upcoming joint USSouth Korea military exercises, which it describes as preparations for war.

Seoul and Washington plan to begin exercises aimed at improving their responsiveness in the event of a North Korean nuclear attack in the coming days.

The unexpected launch is “clear evidence” of the reliability of North Korea’s “powerful nuclear deterrent,” KCNA said.