1708867655 Nothing is going well between Marie Luce and Charles in the

Nothing is going well between Marie-Luce and Charles in the 5th row

Réginald, Charles and Sandro's plan has gone wrong, and the latter is nowhere to be found. It's time to alert the police and keep our fingers crossed that we find him in time… Marie-Luce, fearing the worst, doesn't want to hear anything more from the mafia or Tina Fournier.

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The residents of the “Guys” know that the small community of Valmont is well protected by the local police officers and the SQ, which has an office on the territory. However, it is not uncommon for an individual or group of citizens to take dangerous initiatives when it would be much easier – and above all more prudent – to involve the police.

A costly failure

Nothing is going well between Marie Luce and Charles in the

Charles, Réginald, Sandro and Jean-Michel did it several times, endangering their lives and those of their loved ones. They never seem to learn their lesson as they always start over. Sandro, Charles and Réginald decided to find out for themselves what happened to the Mexican worker whose kidneys were removed before he was left to die. Members of the mafia are responsible for this trade. Réginald had the idea of ​​setting a trap for them by luring them with a person who could come into contact with the group and identify the members of the human trafficking network. Sandro volunteered and we sewed a GPS into his shirt. Charles and Réginald thought they could follow him and intervene if necessary, but they lost sight of him,” explains author Sylvie Lussier.

Henri Lapierre, who was supposed to take part in the surveillance operation, withdrew and Léopold replaced him. Charles, Réginald and he fear that Sandro will not survive the mission. “They think their friend has been taken to a secret clinic and his organs are being removed, but they are wrong. “The mafia has discovered Sandro's cover and wants to get rid of him because he knows too much,” emphasizes the author.

hurry up

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The three men have to seek help if they don't want death on their conscience. Her first instinct is to call Fred. The police officer can no longer bear to see Charles and Réginald commit such reckless acts. When he realizes that Leopold is also involved, he has confirmation that the detective agency he runs with Alex and Gladys will always cause trouble. Fred arrives at the scene with Delphine. They call for reinforcements from headquarters, but Sandro could not hold out until they arrive. You need to try something right away, without preparation or protection. There is no doubt that the criminals are armed to the teeth, which gives them an advantage. “There’s a lot of action in this episode. Lives are in danger: not just Sandro’s, but also Fred’s.”

The end of the ceasefire

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Marie-Luce, who was one of the first to negotiate with Tina Fournier's gang, realizes that it is time to stop believing that she can trust this woman. Although she keeps Tina's money and jewelry at home, her family and friends are not protected. Marie-Luce cannot imagine losing another loved one; So she'll take Tina's loot to the SQ. Unfortunately for her, Isabelle Perreault and Ménard want to question her and won't let her leave until she answers all their questions. Marie-Luce and Charles, who are struggling to come to terms with recent events, are nervous and another argument breaks out between them. They no longer see things that way at all, and Charles prefers to leave the house. Is this the end of their relationship?

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