Now it39s Taylor Swift39s turn to fall under Jason Kelce39s

Now it's Taylor Swift's turn to fall under Jason Kelce's spell

There are few people who haven't fallen under the spell of Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce in recent years.

However, it seems that the last person in line to enjoy a moment with the friendly, bearded man is his sister-in-law: Taylor Swift.

On the latest edition of their New Heights podcast on Wednesday, brothers Jason and Travis Kelce discussed the first meeting between the singing superstar and the offensive lineman. This happened last Sunday during the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills.

Travis' girlfriend Jason and all members of the Kelce family shared the same box at Highmark Stadium. The images of the Eagles representative, without a jersey and outside the penalty area, also attracted attention.

Travis claimed that his lover “absolutely adored” his brother.

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Jason then said his behavior almost gave his wife Kylie a shudder.

“She told me I had to look good because it was the first time we met Taylor.”

“I said, 'Kylie, the first time I met you I was drunk and fell asleep at the bar.' That's part of the charm of Jason Kelce! I wanted to make the best first impression. It was my best chance.”

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“Well, 'Tay' said she loves you,” Travis replied.

We can therefore say that Jason has completed his mission.