O Auto da Compadecida 2 already has a release date.webp

“O Auto da Compadecida 2 already has a release date; See what it is Brasil Notícias

The release date of the longawaited sequel to the hit Brazilian comedy “O Auto da Compadecida” has been set. The film hits Brazilian cinemas on December 25th.

Selton Mello and Matheus Nachtergaele will reprise their roles as Duo Chicó and João Grilo, set in Taperoá, Paraíba, the same setting as the story of the first film. Virginia Cavendish, who plays Rosinha, and actor Enrique Diaz, who plays the role of bandit Joaquim Brejeiro, will also return to the plot.

The cast includes names like Taís Araújo, Eduardo Sterblitch, Humberto Martins, Fabíula Nascimento, Luis Miranda, Juliano Cazarré and Luellem de Castro.

The production is directed by Guel Arraes, who also directed the first film along with Flávia Lacerda. The official synopsis has not yet been published, but Arraes assures that the plot will be original and respect the universe created by Ariano Suassuna.

With information from CNN Brasil.