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Oh the TV!

Oh the TV

I dedicate a few moments of my unforgettable days to go out and sit on public benches. Doctors and psychiatrists say it’s important that you get air, even if it’s contaminated, and move your weary anatomy without observing the puzzles that populate the ceiling and walls of your home for a few hours. Sometimes I share these benches with older people. Thankfully, we’re the only ones not connected to cell phones and other must-have technological marvels. While seated, we avoid being overwhelmed by the massive crowd of passers-by that these devices absorb without apology. A very old man said to me one day, “I’ve only worked in my life and watched TV in my spare time.” I don’t know if his work was joy or sorrow, but the thought that he now spends his indefinite time just watching and watching TV made me shudder. Too bad too.

I also turn it on in the morning. Not out of masochism, but out of a sense of duty, and the result is as tiring as it is terrifying. Most people I know assure me that if they have any interest in knowing the world’s news, they do it via the Internet, although logically all of Christ is engrossed in “What about me?” So I imagine that the vast majority of general TV viewers are in their fifth or sixth age. And what do TVs sell us besides incessant and hateful ads? Well, horror and morbidity disguised as information, bad theater in the name of his heroic quest for truth. And the parishioners of this apparatus can feel safe at home watching the parade outside. That’s what happens with horror movies. It scares us and many viewers enjoy the reassurance that what they see on screen is fiction, that they won’t experience it in reality.

I’m considering not reconnecting to the error. For decades, television has allowed me to write whatever I want. The medium was just an excuse and the message makes me cringe. I can continue to give my superficial opinions on the state of affairs without having to suffer the monster.

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