Ombudsman urges government to act seriously to ensure ceasefire is

Ombudsman urges government to “act seriously” to ensure ceasefire is respected

He Ombudsman, Carlos Camargo Assis, sent a strong message to the government to enforce the ceasefire agreements it signed with the government in recent months ELN guerrillas and the FARC dissidents under the pseudonym Iván Mordisco.

“The call is it national government “So that the illegal armed groups can be taken seriously once and for all, because the only thing that communities are demanding is that these effects really stop indefinitely,” he warned.

For the Ombudsman, the only purpose they have served is to “exacerbate” the “violation of human rights” for those populations that have been affected by the constant and systematic criminality of these people for decades illegal armed groups.

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Taking official figures into account, the ombudsman He noted that there had been an increase in “clashes between illegal armed groups,” which had a serious impact on the population. “This is our call to be serious and stop making fun of the Colombian people.”

“We have found public forces, legitimate armed forces of the Colombian state that they do not carry out operations. “So here it is clear that the only state institution that has respected the ceasefire is the armed forces,” he stressed.

Currently, there are ongoing disputes over US territorial control drug trafficking, which creates a situation Fear and unrest in different population groups.

These complaints are added to the complaints submitted by the Ombudsman Colombia Forum 2024, in which he warned that President Gustavo Petro was “too big” on the issue of security.

“We have observed how the ELN, with which the Colombian state has a decreed ceasefire, is present in more than 234 municipalities and in more than 19 departments. We see how the FARC dissidents, the Dissidents from (Iván) Mordisco, They are present in more than 231 municipalities and more than 19 departments,” he explained.

“We are clearly seeing an increase, an expansion, a consolidation of illegal armed groups and organized crime. To give an example: We have been observing how since 2019 Gaitanist Self-Defense Forces of Colombia and the Gulf Clan They were represented in 114 communities. According to the monitoring of the Ombudsman’s early warning system, today they are present in more than 392 municipalities and in more than 24 departments,” he noted.

With these numbers he demanded the government to address this situation. “We are impressed by how the phenomenon of the spread and consolidation of illegal armed groups and organized crime is taking place gradually.”

The ombudsman demanded that the national government “Clear rules” versus “total peace”: “We cannot delve backwards into the theory of the world.”