Omicron variant deadlier than flu according to new study Teller

Omicron variant deadlier than flu, according to new study Teller Report

In a representative study at the University of Lucerne, the mortality of people hospitalized with the omicron corona variant and those with seasonal flu was compared. A significantly higher mortality rate has been shown for omicron. During the first 30 days of hospitalization, the mortality rate for those suffering from the omicron variant was about 1.5 times higher, as announced by the University of Lucerne on Thursday.

The results were published in Jama Network Open magazine on Wednesday. To compare the course of illness in hospitalized people, data from 3,066 people affected by Omikron were compared with 2,146 people with flu. With regard to the need for admission to the intensive care unit, however, there was no difference between the variant corona omicron and influenza.

During the spread of the omicron variant, calls were made in Switzerland to treat corona as a normal flu because it caused less severe strokes than other variants.