Omnibus Fabbri and Chinas Scary Plan Imperial Mission

Omnibus, Fabbri and China’s Scary Plan: “Imperial Mission”

Since the conflict in Ukraine erupted, many have wondered what role China has played. A country ruled by a communist dictatorship with its own agenda. The most important of these is, in all probability, the establishment as the first world power by ousting the United States and Russia, which have been staging a Cold War re-enactment for some time. Dario Fabbri, a well-known geopolitical analyst, attempted to present his own version of China’s strategy during Friday May 12’s Omnibus episode: “China has historically sought an imperial mission. With this conflict, a light came on.” What is it about? “He has long wanted to take leadership in the countries we once called the Third World, and now, through the two votes in the UN General Assembly last year and this year, he has achieved a fair majority of humanity voting for Russia.”

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La7 presenter Alessandra Sardoni’s guest reveals the possible reasons pushing Xi Jinping to take on the role of opportunistic peacemaker between the two litigants: “If I take charge of an anti-Western mediation,” explains Fabbri, referring to the Chinese president , “and.” I’m showing that I’m good in the eyes of the planet, I can only continue to benefit from that.” And that’s why, he concedes, “China has moved more decisively down that line in recent months “. Then he concludes: “Kiev has problems with Beijing. Because he knows that he is not a big fan of Russia and has secondary interests.” However, and this is no small matter, “before the conflict began, she was Ukraine’s first shareholder”. The next steps will therefore show us what influence China can have on a possible peace negotiation of the war between Putin and Zelenskyy (and Biden).