On her doorstep A widow receives a bouquet of flowers

“On her doorstep”: A widow receives a bouquet of flowers from her late husband on Valentine’s Day

A septuagenarian from California who lost her husband in October 2017 continued to receive flowers every year from the love of her life, left on her doorstep for Valentine's Day.

“Whatever magic works in this world, [mon père] arranged so that every year a bouquet of flowers from him stood at his door. When these flowers arrive you should see the smile on her face. It's just incredible […] She knows he's with her,” the couple's daughter, Marilee Heard, told ABC7 California on Wednesday.

Every Valentine's Day, 77-year-old Diana Maver waited impatiently for greetings from her husband John, who died of cancer more than seven years ago after 47 years of marriage.

The couple met in high school at the age of 16 and their love story blossomed until October 2017 when the father of three reportedly lost his life, leaving his lover behind.

But to her great surprise, just a few months later, on Valentine's Day 2018, the woman received a bouquet of roses and white lilies on her doorstep in Danville, addressed to her by her late husband. Since then, the new tradition has been repeated, and this year was no exception.

“These flowers represented our love for each other […] It touches me so much. I wish [ce genre d’amour] for everyone,” the emotional septuagenarian told ABC7.

Every year the bouquet comes with the same card on which it is written: “I only have one heart and that is you.” You will always be my Valentine. I love you, Diana. Love, John.”

“He did it every year – I think – for the rest of his life,” his daughter added. Love can exist through life and death. My father is the ultimate romantic.”