ON VIDEO A polling officer attacks journalists

ON VIDEO | A polling officer attacks journalists

An elections commissioner from Quebec Elections has thwarted journalists who wanted to take pictures of Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois voting.

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But the tradition is the same for every election: journalists film and photograph all party leaders on election day.

However, on Monday morning, Marie Vallée, the electoral officer, disrupted her work by keeping her very far from Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

The lady stood in front of the cameras and said “I don’t care!”.

She urged journalists to photograph themselves with their backs to the wall to prevent them from approaching.

“Along the wall,” she said to the dozen journalists present.

“Ok, ok, let’s do our job!”, a journalist impatiently. “Sit down, sit down,” the journalists urge the woman and the worker on site when Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois appears to vote.

“You are violating the right of the press to capture this moment,” La Presse’s Hugo Pilon-Larose said.

The lady looks at him and asks him: “Who are you?”.

“Hugo Pilon-Larose, President of the Quebec Parliamentary Press Gallery.”

“And I’m the Electoral Officer! “, she replied.

A journalist who even tried to resolve the situation was expelled.

As the exchange continued, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, visibly witnessing the scene, picked up his voice with a smile.


QMI agency