ON VIDEO A trucker catches a very dangerous maneuver

ON VIDEO | A trucker catches a very dangerous maneuver on a road in the Eastern Townships –

A trucker traveling on Route 112 in Weedon in the Eastern Townships was met with a surprise last Wednesday morning that could have proved deadly.

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Danick Poulin, who has a dashboard camera, filmed the whole scene, which took place around 8am on this road, where the speed limit is 90 km/h. He sent his pictures to TVANouvelles.ca.

Driving at a good speed, the truck driver noticed a vehicle in the distance that began to reverse on this secondary road with a speed limit of 90 km/h.

Surprised, he manages to slow down by getting very close to the immobilized van.

He sees the driver getting out to pick up a “vulgar whisk” on the street. The man then gets back in his vehicle and drives on as if nothing had happened.

“At this point my truck weighs 47,950 kg. If I hadn’t seen her brakes in the corner, it could have been fatal because a car was coming in the opposite direction at the same time!” Danick Poulin tells TVANouvelles.ca.

Also, the event occurs at a place where the roadway is marked with a double line, making overtaking very dangerous.

If the trucker was cautious, it was because he saw roadworks signs on the road.

“So I had planned to slow down and from a distance I saw the pickup brake. I thought the work would be there but it wasn’t! I had to brake quite suddenly, but luckily the road was paved and I anticipated well!” he adds.

This video commemorates the case of this man who braked on a road to let a family of ducks pass in July 2019.

The dangerous maneuver caused the death of a young motorcyclist. The accused driver Éric Rondeau was found guilty in January. He had braked in a sharp curve, got into the oncoming lane despite the double line and caused the fatal accident.