ON VIDEO Near a school in Saint Zotique students dangerously

ON VIDEO | Near a school in Saint-Zotique, students dangerously confront a driver

A dangerous confrontation between students and a driver occurred this week at the Navigateurs High School in Saint-Zotique.

The incident occurred last Tuesday around noon near the school when several youths attacked a gray car.

A video shared on social media shows the driver of a vehicle throwing a projectile at the students, who then attack the car.

One of them even climbed onto the roof of the car.

VAT News

There were no injuries after this incident.

Parents interviewed by TVA Nouvelles say they are concerned that such an event took place at the school their children attend.

“As a parent, I say to myself: It’s scary,” says one mother. I say to myself: What world are we going to? It makes no sense that our young people can do such incredible things. What sparked it?

“You’re stupid,” a father added. They have no business jumping on a tank. It’s dangerous for both of them.”

Following the incident, Séreté du Québec police officers arrived on scene for a one-vehicle accident.

However, police have not confirmed whether an investigation has been launched into this incident.

The Trois-Lacs School Service Center was contacted by TVA Nouvelles on Tuesday afternoon and did not respond to our questions about this incident.

For the full explanation, see the video above