ON VIDEO The arrest of a suspected vehicle thief

ON VIDEO | The arrest of a suspected vehicle thief was filmed by witnesses

TVA Nouvelles has received spectacular footage of an intervention in which we see a Montreal Police officer arrest a suspected car thief in broad daylight.

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It was a viewer who sent the scene, which was recorded around 3pm on Thursday on rue de Provence in the Saint-Léonard district.

When police found the vehicle that had been reported stolen, he approached the 38-year-old man who was on board.

The officer then strikes up a conversation with the suspect, but realizes that he doesn’t want to cooperate.

At the end, the policeman smashes the window on the driver’s side with a telescopic baton.

The man will eventually exit the SUV, followed by a game of cat and mouse around another car parked in a private driveway.

The suspect will flee to a park where he will eventually be overpowered.

The SPVM stated that cayenne pepper was used.

Reinforcements were called to the scene of the crime. In the video, we see that despite the suspect’s lack of cooperation, the officer maintained his calm and composure throughout the procedure.