On which channels can you watch Argentina vs Paraguay U23

On which channels can you watch Argentina vs. Paraguay U23 LIVE on the first date of the 2024 Pre-Olympics?

Watch Argentina vs Paraguay U23 LIVEthis Sunday, January 21, for date 1 of Group B of the 2024 Pre-Olympics. The Albiceleste and the Albirroja will compete at the Misael Delgado Polideportivo Stadium from 8:00 p.m. (Argentine and Paraguayan time) The broadcaster is responsible for the signal DSports, TyC Sports j Tigo Sports. Likewise, you can follow this and all of today's games minute by minute through La República Deportes' FREE ONLINE coverage.

What time does Argentina vs. play? Paraguay under 23?

  • Mexico (middle): 5 p.m
  • Colombia, Ecuador and Peru: 6 p.m
  • United States (Miami, New York, Washington DC): 6:00 p.m
  • Bolivia, Venezuela: 7:00 p.m
  • Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay: 8 p.m

Which channel shows Argentina vs. Paraguay under 23?

The meeting betweenArgentina vs. Paraguay U23 U23It is broadcast by the DSports signal for the entire South American territory.

  • Argentina: Channel 610 (SD) and 1610 (HD)
  • Chile: Channel 610 (SD) and 1610 (HD)
  • Colombia: Channel 610 (SD) and 1610 (HD)
  • Ecuador: Channel 610 (SD) and 1610 (HD)
  • Peru: Channel 610 (SD) and 1610 (HD)
  • Uruguay: Channel 610 (SD) and 1610 (HD)
  • Venezuela: Channel 610 (SD) and 1610 (HD).

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Where to Watch Argentina vs Paraguay Under 23 ONLINE?

If you don't want to miss thisArgentina vs. Paraguay U23 on the Internet, Subscribe to the streaming service DirecTV GO (DGO), on whose platform you have access to all DirecTV Sports content. If you can't afford it, you also have the option of staying informed with La República Deportes' free ONLINE coverage.

  • Argentina: DSports
  • Bolivia: Tigo Sports
  • Brazil: Sportsv
  • Chile: DSports and TVN
  • Colombia: DSports, RCN and Caracol Television
  • Ecuador: DSports, Ecuador TV, ECDF
  • Paraguay: Tigo Sports
  • Peru: DSports
  • Uruguay: DSports
  • Venezuela: DSports, Televen and TVEN.

Venezuelan U-23 pre-Olympic schedule

Date 1

  • Ecuador – Colombia 3-0 (Group A)
  • Venezuela 3-3 Bolivia (Group A)
  • Peru vs Argentina Chile (Group B) | 9:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m
  • Argentina vs. Argentina Paraguay (Group B) | 9:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m

Argentina vs. Paraguay U23: possible lineups

  • Argentina: Leandro Brey; Joaquin Garcia, Marco Di Cesare, Nicholas Valentini, Valentine Ship; Christian Medina, John Sforza, Ezekiel Fernandez; Pablo Solari, Luciano Gondou and Thiago Almada.DT: Javier Mascherano.
  • Paraguay: Angel Gonzalez; Alan Núñez, Ronaldo De Jesús, Gilberto Flores, Dani Rivas; Fabrizio Peralta, Wilder Viera, Enso Gonzalez; Ivan Leguizamon; Marcelo Peéez and Marcelo Fernandez.DT: Carlos Jara Saguier.

Where will they play against Argentina? Paraguay under 23?

The teams of Argentina and Paraguay will compete against each other Date 1 of the U23 Olympic Pre-Olympics at the Misael Delgado Sports Stadium in Carabobo, which has a capacity for 10,000 spectators.

What groups are there at the U-23 Pre-Olympics in Venezuela?

  • Group A: Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia and Ecuador
  • Group B: Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay.

Pre-Olympic groups.  Photo: Conmebol  Groups of the Venezuela 2024 Pre-Olympics. Photo: Conmebol

Argentina vs. Paraguay betting under 23

These are the odds from the main bookmakers for Argentina vs. Paraguay is under 23 for the pre-Olympics in Venezuela.

  • Betsson: Ghana Alianza (1.53), Draw (4.00), Ghana Catholic (5.50)
  • Bet365: Alianza wins (1.44), draw (3.75), Católica wins (6.50)
  • Betano: Alianza wins (1.47), draw (3.90), Católica wins (7.10)
  • 1XBet: Alianza wins (1.61), draw (3.95), Católica wins (5.25)
  • Incabet: Argentina win (1.55), draw (3.90), Católica win (6.00).