One Hundred Thousand Festivities: Bangalafumenga Gathers a Sea of ​​’JoõesNinguém’ at Aterro do Flamengo

According to organizers, Bangalafumenga not only took the block to the streets this Carnival Sunday, but also brought together more than 100,000 revelers at Aterro do Flamengo in Rio’s South Zone. The whimsy in the costumes combined production and creativity: stilts, Xurras da Jogada costume, American football dispute, cheerleader. Even the castaway took advantage of the hype overlooking the Pracinhas monument.

Warley Almeida is helping organize the event and was thrilled when the bloc returned after two years of the pandemic.

— Lots of joy, lots of Brazilian pop music. Look here! said Warley, showing his shaking hands.

Revelers Karem and Luana Mota left the North Zone to enjoy the party at Bangalafumenga. There was no lack of creativity when it came to choosing costumes for the twins, who dressed up as “bananas in pyjamas.”

“It’s a relief to be here, free and unmasked. We are vaccinated against Covid19 with all doses. The arm is ready to receive another if needed,” Luana said.

Bangalafumenga had the presence of singer Sérgio Loroza and founder Roberto Maranhão on vocals. With a varied repertoire, the block brings hits of Brazilian pop music, forró and funk tunes, all to the rhythm of samba and axé. In this edition, singer Gal Costa was honored by the band with the song “Divino Maravilhoso”.

— Save Brazilian culture, save Banga! What a relief to be back at our party after all this time acclaimed singer and one of the founders Rodrigo Maranhão.

Reunion with Aterro

Anyone who thinks that religious people don’t take advantage of the carnival is wrong. Marcos Fernandes has been disguised as a priest for 14 years. A practicing Catholic, he even sang in the choir that performed for Pope John Paul II at a function at the Aterro do Flamengo in the late 1990s.

Almost three decades later he returned to this place as a reveler at Bangalafumenga disguised as a religious. Marcos even convinced two friends to step into the role as well.

Friends dressed as priests in Bangalafumenga

— Our church is about fornication and alcohol — the trio joke.

The origin of Banga

Bangalafumenga was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1998. In 2012, the party made it to São Paulo and became one of the most traditional processions in the city.

In the dictionary of the Portuguese language, the name of the block means an unimportant person, a “João Nobody”.

In the history of samba, Bangalafumenga was the name of the houses in Rio Antigo where the music circles were held, at a time when Malandragem was a police matter.

* Trainee supervised by Vera Araújo